Negretti and Zambra machine nameplate

This website has been set up following the purchase of a Negretti and Zambra Ships’ Barometer. I started researching the company and found many sources scattered around the internet. This is an attempt to gather everything I have found so far into one place. There is an Official site on the Barometers World site, sadly no longer maintained. On Facebook there is a group entitled “Negretti and Zambra Remembered” set up by David Day whose publication “A Potted History” provides a wealth of information. (See below)

I found one antiques dealer who specialises in N&Z and has written a very comprehensive two-part blog about the firm:

Another good description is on the BADA Website:

Graces Guide has a number of pages also with the main one here:


“A Treatise on Meteorological Instruments” by Negretti and Zambra, 1864

Specification of Henry Negretti and Joseph Warren Zambra : Health Indicator (Patent No. 3585, 19th October 1874.)

“Standard Meteorological Instruments Ref M2” by Negretti and Zambra, 1930

A Potted History by D Day

“Weather. The Barometer and Barograph” by Negretti and Zambra, late 1930s

“Standard Meteorological Instruments Ref M4” by Negretti and Zambra, 1950

Negretti and Zambra Catalogue 1859
Negretti and Zambra Encyclopaedic Catalogue 1886
Last of the bound editions, the previous being 1859, 1865, 1873 and 1879.

“Negretti & Zambra, A Potted History, 1850 to 2000,” compiled by David Day in two volumes.

Negretti and Zambra Centenary, 1850-1950, Booklet (PDF)